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Are you longing to create beautiful content to engage your clients, unleash the core of your vision, and present your authentic self to the world? When you partner with A Shared Path, you will not only master your story—you’ll also elevate your presence in a way that feels true to you.


Join me in a six-part FREE course and guided meditation where I’ll teach you how to overcome this obstacle and write with impact, joy, and soul. Begin the course here.

Ready to Slay Writer’s Block?

Alana is a precious gift. After working closely with her on my book of poetry, I realized she not only had my best interest at heart, but also aligned with my intention to serve others through my work. I highly recommend Alana if you are itching to tell your story, but do not know where to start. Her guidance, sincerity and commitment is invaluable.
— Karilyn Owens, Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Freelance Graphic Artist


About Alana

As a writer and message consultant, she’s dedicated to unearthing your true message. Alana’s passion is helping you slay self-doubt and overwhelm, tell your life-changing stories, create impactful content, and hone your voice.


Our packages

Unleash your authentic message

Your Thriving Business


Write with Alana to give your work the impact it deserves. Together, you'll create key website content, a promotional article, and a written blueprint for your next workshop or presentation.

Your Brand Basics


Partner with Alana to realize the soul and power of your story and display your work's full potential in the written word. You'll also receive a promotional article to share.

Your Single Service


Need to get a piece of content just right? Work with Alana and speak to your audience with power, personality and integrity.

Your Editing Intensive


Develop your body of work with Alana until it embodies exactly the message and impact you deserve. Alana will nourish your writing journey with inspirational feedback and give you structure to help you stay focused.


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You want a message that’s powerful, subtle, and utterly you. And, you’re not willing to waste your precious time and energy toiling to put your best-expressed self in writing.
— Alana Helapitage, Writer & Message Consultant