Meet the Founder

Helping Soul-Centered Entrepreneurs Realize Their True Message

When she was 11 years old, Alana Helapitage's sixth grade English teacher told her she had a gift for words. It was then that Alana decided to forge her soul’s purpose from that gift. Nourished by a background in Education, Language Arts, and Child and Family Development—she has spent more than a decade using the written and spoken word to promote healing and thriving in her community.

Even though her desire to write and speak was irresistible, Alana kept volumes of her core stories locked away inside her. The voice of doubt and overwhelm plagued her: “who do you think you are to claim that your message is powerful enough to change the world?” Through years of spiritual practice and therapy, Alana eventually grew free from that nagging voice. She began sharing more and more of her writing online, in print, and in person.

A Free Course and Guided Meditation from Alana to You

In response to one of Alana’s most common questions from her clients: “How can I break through writer’s block?” Alana created a free guided meditation and course, and you can get both here.


In 2016, Alana launched A Shared Path, LLC. A Shared Path’s mission is to help soul-centered entrepreneurs realize their message and use it to change lives. Providing writing support both one-on-one and in group settings, she gives clients the structure and the guidance they need to write their most impactful content.

Are you starting or growing a soul-centered business? Do you feel like you don't know where to start when it comes to crafting your core message? Are you struggling to unleash your authentic voice in your web copy, blog, book, or presentation?

Alana is here to transform your woes with words into life-changing content.


On a more personal note...

When Alana is not deliciously bound to a pen, a keyboard, or a stage, she cherishes family time. You can also find her sweating at the barre to too-loud House music—or practicing yoga in the early morning. She is a proudly multicultural woman who loves traveling (even when it's just in her imagination). And, one of her favorite simple pleasures is people watching at a local cafe, cappuccino in hand.

Wondering  if Alana is the right fit to give you the soul-centered writing help you’re longing for? Check out her  Services Page. Or, connect with her via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or email.