About Me

“You know, Alana, you have a gift for words.”

Alana Helpitage

This praise from my sixth grade English teacher still resonates in my bones after 20 years. It ignited my conviction that writing and speaking were part of my destiny. Since then, the blank page has felt like home. It’s here that I’ve entertained life’s biggest questions:

Who am I?

What do I want?

What is my purpose?

And yet, when it came to my pain, I learned from the time I was little that it was safer to keep quiet.

For years, I heard family members fall silent on their domestic abuse experiences, rather than risk losing face. With partners, I choked back my desire to ask for what I wanted for fear of abandonment. And, I would rather seethe with rage than confront bosses who overstepped boundaries…

Yet, when I reached my late 20’s, I realized that staying silent solved nothing. I knew instinctively that it was time to venture within to the places that scared me, so I could nurture the voice and the healing I deserved.

A shared path to healing forged by writing...

I started the A Shared Path blog in 2014—not knowing that I was using writing as a tool for healing. My blog offered a platform to write and rewrite my story in the witness of others. And the more I wrote, the more I forged a shared path with other writers and entrepreneurs who were also healing and finding their voices.

Pen in hand, I journeyed into my longing for validation…

I unearthed my yearning for authenticity, forgiveness, acceptance, and love…

And, word by word, I continue to excavate my authentic, thriving self...

A Shared Path evolved from a blog into an LLC in 2016. Since then, I’ve leveraged my skill with words to help soul-centered brands realize their true message online, in print, and in person.

In addition to crafting client-converting content—I’m expanding my offerings to help you harness the healing power of words. I combine my background in literature, education, and human services, plus a decade-long holistic healing journey, to help writers of every level unlock more authenticity, forgiveness, acceptance, and love in their lives.

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What’s brewing beyond A Shared Path...

When I’m not writing or working with clients, you can usually find me in a giggle fit with my partner and stepdaughter in our Phoenix home.

I savor early mornings alone on my yoga mat, doing a vinyasa flow,  HIIT, a guided meditation, or a journaling session.

There’s nothing I love more than turning strangers into friends and friends into community. To that end, my partner and I dream of building a retreat center and bed & breakfast where writing, painting, and community-building enjoy a beautiful marriage together.

For now, my focus is on creating a legacy of healing with my words with fellow healers across the globe, as I expand my blended family.


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