Soul-Centered Writing Help for Content that Embodies YOU


“You are a writer.” Little did I know at just 11 years old; these words gifted to me by my sixth-grade English teacher would become a prophecy.

I avoided letting my writing take center stage for most of my life. I feared that I had—that I was—nothing worth sharing.

In 2013, a dear friend insisted that my words were a gift the world needed. She reminded me of what I always knew: I AM a writer.

So, I gathered my piles of notebooks from the corners of my bedroom and committed to forging a path for myself as a professional wordsmith. I birthed A Shared Path, LLC  to provide soul-centered writing help for entrepreneurs ready to own their ultimate gift: the best version of themselves, embodied in the messages they share online, in print, and in person.

I love the challenge of working with clients who start with only a glimpse of their value. What I adore even more is seeing what they end up with: a rich, client-converting story of why their clients need them.

Are you starting or growing a soul-centered business? Feel like you don't know where to start  when it comes to crafting your core message? Do you struggle to unleash the YOU in your web copy, blog, book, presentation or a combination?

I offer you writing help that turns your wording woes into powerful, authentic content that makes clients choose you.

On a more personal note...

When I'm not deliciously bound to a pen or a keyboard, you can find me tending to my new family. Or, sweating to too-loud House music. I'm a proudly multi-cultural woman who loves traveling (even when it's just in my imagination). No matter where I am, my idea of bliss is sprawling in the grass under a partly cloudy sky, or people-watching at a new coffee shop.

Wondering  if I'm the right fit to give you the soul-centered writing help you want? Check out my Services Page. Or, connect with me via Facebook, InstagramLinkedIn, Twitter or email.