Meet Your Writer


For Phoenix based writer and message consultant Alana Helapitage, writing is a way of life. For twenty years, her life has revolved around a constellation of pages, pens, and an insatiable drive to excavate the beauty from her experiences through the written word.

Since she was just 11 years old, Alana has written and edited a plethora of writing—including web copy, poetry books, business presentations, and writing programs. Her work is rooted in her gift for showing the essence of remarkable people who are truly committed to making a difference.

Since she launched A Shared Path, LLC in 2014, Alana has helped soul-centered entrepreneurs tell their stories online, in print, and in person. Her driving “why” is helping people devoted to changing the world voice the value of who they are and the work they’re called to do. Powerfully. Subtly. Authentically.

Since 2012, Alana’s writing has appeared both in print and online, covering stories of service from local entrepreneurs; personal growth; interpersonal relationships; poetry; and most recently, the writing craft.

When she’s not writing on behalf of clients, Alana maintains an extensive blog and posts regularly on LinkedIn Pulse. You can explore her work on ShineText, in the Level 25 Artjournal and in Arizona: 100 Years, 100 Poems, 100 Poets. Recently, she partnered with Selina Schuh, owner of Empowered Living Strategies, LLC, to edit Becoming Your Own Knight in Shining Armor, a personal growth book on building soul-feeding relationships. 


Alana is currently expanding her blog to include writing guidance, which serves as the basis of writing workshops that she intends to teach both locally and nationally. The goal of these workshops is to help others leverage the written word as a tool for profound healing, self-realization, and brand development. Alana also plans to publish her first book of poetry in 2018.

In the meantime, she continues pushing her boundaries not just as a writer and message consultant, but also as a creative director, model, friend, and family woman.

She adores travelling in her downtime (even when it’s just in her imagination). You can often find her at her local coffee shop, immersed in a book; enjoying a vigorous workout; and savoring many intimate conversations with loved ones the world over.

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