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Reveal Your Message

You’ve been on a profound healing journey, which has left you brimming with ideas on how you want to make an impact with your content. You’re more than ready to craft those ideas into your true message.

When you put pen to paper, doubt and overwhelm creep in… You might not know where to start. You get lost in comparisons with other entrepreneurs and wonder if your message is worth writing. Your words fail you.

Are you ready to stop struggling and start unveiling your true message?

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What you get when you invest in Reveal Your Message:

  • The structure you need to turn a flood of ideas into your life-changing stories
  • Guidance to cut through the noise in your head and get straight to the heart of your message
  • Key phrases that make your authentic voice sing

How it works:

  1. Alana will email you a questionnaire to help you define your audience and which of your stories will impact them the most.
  2. Within 2 weeks, you will receive an outline of your defining stories and advice on how to turn them into impactful content.
  3. Get up to 1 hour of email or phone support to hone in on your message.


How to get started:

Contact Alana to schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation to see if Reveal Your Message is right for you. Alana will then discuss payment options and email you your Reveal Your Message questionnaire.


Don’t miss out on your chance to reveal your true message. Contact Us and gain clarity on your life-changing stories today! 


Value: $197