PERSONAL GROWTH | Are you your own best-kept secret?


"What is something that no one knows about you?"


Life & Business Coach Saloua Ibaline asked me this question at one of her recent Self Made Successful Women panels. As one of three immigrants on the panel that night, I felt that my rare cultural background was a relevant place to start. This was my reply:


"I have yet to meet anyone else with my background. I have a Sri Lankan father and an Italian mother, was born in England, and moved to the U.S. when I was five years old.

Because I embody so many different cultures, I'm able to navigate the seeming contradictions between people and cut to the heart of who they really are—of who WE really are—as human beings."




I loved joining Kathleen Gramzay(left), Saloua Ibaline (middle), Selina Schuh (middle right), and Ro Rusnock(right) at the Self Made Successful Women panel this month!


My ability to see through cultural trappings to the core of who people really are is what makes me unique.


In addition to profound heartbreak, I credit my multicultural upbringing for sharpening my intuition and my vocabulary. My background has helped me grasp the essence of those whose paths I cross—whether we’re in each other's lives for an hour or a lifetime. The gifts, the hidden yearnings, and the stories of the people I know and love fill me up like divine nectar. It’s these three aspects that have guided my pen as a writer since I was 11 years old.


What is something that no one knows about you?

How has that something shaped the person you are and the value you have to give?


Being asked these questions naturally throws you off-guard—at least, it did for me. It feels safer to not veer from the familiar script of what we typically let people know about us, protecting ourselves like our own best-kept secrets. But these questions call us to let the world in as we claim and proclaim our value in it.

Our impact depends on making ourselves and our worth known, especially the parts of us that we hide.


If you struggle to voice the special something that makes you who you are, I can help. Let’s talk about how to put your story and your value in words, so you can live out your purpose the way you deserve.


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