STORIES OF SERVICE | Dancing Naked Under a Full Moon: A Soul Therapist's Story

"Don't make waves." Soul therapist Jeanne Jones lived by these words from childhood and suffered from them for decades.


Jeanne is the daughter of an abusive mother. She learned to survive the abuse she endured by stuffing down her true self and being what others wanted her to be—especially, what men wanted her to be.

"Men have been my biggest distractions, and also my best teachers," Jeanne reveals.

Through a series of destructive relationships and a deep dive into her role as a soul therapist, Jeanne has learned what's blocked her bold, gypsy nature from taking center stage.



Jeanne never shies away from adventure. Here she is on a dive during one of her many travels.

The road to choosing a life of her own has been heartbreaking. Yet, serendipity, courage, and fun rarely leave her side. This self-proclaimed "crazy aunt" adores spontaneity. Unafraid to speak her mind, she doesn’t shy away from swearing. Or dancing naked under a full moon.

"Don't let your idea of what a spiritual life should be box you in! It's not about being perfectly angelic. It's our imperfections that bring us wisdom worth sharing."

Jeanne prefers freedom over the tethers of a traditional lifestyle. She refuses to be tied down to a corporate job or to a traditional marriage and family life. Instead, Jeanne has spent years venturing across the country and into the deepest reaches of her soul.

Over more than twenty years of soul searching, she's devoured spiritual literature and explored a plethora of healing modalities which enhance her work as a soul therapist: herbalism, aromatherapy, Native American healing ceremonies, and reiki.

Jeanne's deep self-inquiry has allowed her to find the gifts in solitude: courage, authenticity, and self-love. And, it's these gifts that define her work as a soul therapist.

Jeanne sees her choice to lead her own life as an invitation for other women to break free. To break free of the conditioning that holds them back from true, soul-level fulfillment. And, to break free of the belief that they can never have, do, or be enough.

As a soul therapist and energetic healer, she gently and lovingly creates a sacred space for women to embrace who they really are.



Jeanne's definition of an authentic life includes the freedom to explore, as she is here on one of her desert hikes. 

Jeanne's passion is supporting women who are navigating significant life transitions. These include career changes, relationship crossroads, or the simply being ready to live a more loving and authentic life. Clients can work with her in small, intimate group settings or one-on-one, both online and in person. To meet each client's needs, Jeanne offers everything from introductory Soul Therapy courses all the way through 9-month intensives, inspired by the Soul Therapy School®.

Are you a woman going through a significant life transition, whether you're navigating relationship issues with your partner or loved ones, embarking on a new career, or simply wanting to live a life that’s more you?

Connect with Jeanne today at 432.466.5921. to see how she can help you make the shift into a more fulfilled and authentic life!