About Me Inspiration for When You Don’t Want to Talk About Yourself

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If you don’t want to talk about yourself, you need some effective About Me Inspiration to help you reframe what talking about yourself really means.

Talking about yourself effectively helps you connect with and communicate your own value. When you can connect with and communicate your value, you can leverage it to better serve your clients.

Here are some tips to help you work through your resistance to talking about yourself—so you can share the gift that you are in words.

About Me Inspiration to face the fear of revealing yourself.

A news anchor I used to follow said that what gave her the courage to show up in front of millions of viewers nearly every day was that it gave her the opportunity to love them.

In other words, she risked revealing herself so that she could connect with her audience.

Your particular combination of vulnerability and strength is what your ideal clients are looking for. Practice expressing these qualities in words. Write down evidence of your gifts as well as your perceived flaws, quirks, and shortcomings. Then, ask yourself:

How could I use this information to support my clients?

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About Me Inspiration to own the value you bring to clients through storytelling.

Reflect on the personal stories that inspired you to fill a void in the world and in your own life through your business.

Then, think back to one or two defining moments or realizations that convinced you that your clients urgently wanted what you have to offer. (If you don’t have clients yet, consider what pain points your ideal clients are experiencing and how you can help them get free.)

Finally, get clear on your vision of where you want to (and know you CAN) lead your clients. Define the feelings and actionable benefits you can help them achieve.

About Me Inspiration to use input from clients, friends, and colleagues on what they find valuable about you.

Consistently reach out to people who know your work and whom you trust to give honest, thorough feedback.

Ask them what they find valuable about you and your business. Find patterns in the words and examples they share, and keep them handy for About Me inspiration when you feel at a loss for the right words.

(Bonus Tip: If you find a particular person’s feedback especially valuable, write it in an email with a link to a review site or social media channel of your choice, and then ask if they’d be willing to post it as a testimonial.)

Keep these tips at your side for About Me inspiration when you dread the idea of talking about yourself. See how they help you reframe an uncomfortable conversation into an ideal opportunity to share your gifts with those who are longing for them.

In next week’s blog, I’ll help you hone in on the About Me content you should be using.

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