Improve Your Writing Skills for the Long Haul with a Daily Journaling Practice


Improving your writing skills is like building a strong marriage. You might start out infatuated with your partner, spending your time together riveted on every moment, floating on air… And then, you descend from your cloud and realize that building a life with this person isn’t about the high. It’s about the dance of growing into your full potential. There are times of grace and flow, and there are times of hard, humbling work.

In writing as in marriage, it helps to know what you need to stay committed when the work gets tough. For me, part of the answer lies in building a daily journaling practice. This practice improves your writing skills and recommits you to your why for the long haul.

Daily Journaling Guidance #1: How to fit writing into your busy schedule.  

I hear it all the time. “I would write more, if only I had more hours in the day!” To be an authentic, powerful writer, you need to transform your relationship with time. Time expands when you invest it in what you value.

Committing to just 10-15 minutes of writing per day will strengthen your productivity and whet your appetite to create more content. With practice, you may find yourself turning to your pen or laptop when you’d normally scroll through your phone, check emails, or seek out other distractions that swallow up more time than you even realized.

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Remember: When you focus your energy on what matters to you, you make the time you need.

Daily Journaling Guidance #2: How to keep saying yes to writing in spite of the no’s.

As you shift your priorities to build a consistent journaling practice, it can feel uncomfortable. You may question why you’re writing in the first place. You might suspect that there are better ways to invest your time and energy. And, you may notice self-doubt, guilt, overwhelm and even shame rising to the surface.

Like I mentioned in my last journaling blog, writing has a way of laying your mind and emotions bare. Look at this new clarity as a gift. Know that you can create whatever you want from the discoveries you make during your journaling process about how you feel, what you think, and who you are.

Even the most painful truths are like clay to a sculptor, waiting to be molded into content that impacts your readers and your life (maybe more than you expected).

Daily Journaling Guidance #3: How to treat your writing with reverence when it feels like a burden.

Going back to the marriage analogy, there will be times when even the most loving, healthy partners can’t stand each other. Times when even the littlest annoyance gets each person’s blood boiling. The same is true for writing. You may sit down to write and wish you were anywhere but in front of that blank page.

In times of “get-me-out-of-here!” ask yourself:

What if this discomfort were an invitation to enter a more sacred relationship with your writing?

  • What if your frustration, fear, rage, etc. offered an opportunity to breathe deeply, to refocus on why you’re writing in the first place, and to bow your head in deep reverence of having a message to give to the world—even if that message is eluding you right now?

  • What if this temporary pain was a test of faith in yourself—faith that you could grow by choosing to commit to your writing practice?

As a soul-centered writer, every word you write can be an expression of your service to your higher power and to your audience. Treat yourself and your writing with respect, and see how your relationship with writing improves along with your skills.

Your daily journaling practice is as much about your soul as it is about your craft. When you know what tools to turn to when your writing journey gets difficult, you can boost your productivity, turn pain into growth, and renew your sacred commitment to the message only you can give.

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10 Journal Prompts for Authentic, Powerful Writing