Improve your writing skills through journal discussions.


I can’t emphasize enough that writing is a collaborative process. To make the most of your journaling and your writing overall, choose at least one person you trust to help you unpack and refine your content. Do you have a target audience? If so, select a person who’s part of that audience for best results.

What content from your journal writing are you called to share with this person and why? What feedback do you desire so you can refine your writing and make the impact you want through your words? Define your answers to these questions before you reach out to discuss them.

These are four examples of effective ways you could ask for feedback:

  • Ask for more direction. “I feel as though my closing statement hits on limiting beliefs I harbor about my self-worth. I’ve noticed myself playing smaller than usual lately, and would love to know your thoughts on how I could break the habit.”

  • Ask for more clarity. “I want to share this journal entry about X with you. I eventually plan to write a book on the topic and would love your feedback so I can fine-tune my message. Do you feel there’s a clear theme in this journal entry? What do you think that theme is?”

  • Ask for more authenticity. “Does my personal story on Y feel authentic to you? Do you get the sense that I’m hiding behind a mask of perfection? Could I be more vulnerable with the details I’m sharing so I can get to the truth of the matter?”

  • Ask for more resonance. “Do you think my idea about A helps to illustrate my message about B? Is there a different angle I could use to approach my message to make it better resonate with my blog readers?”

Then, record the person’s feedback in your journal and incorporate it into your writing at your discretion.

Notice which of the tips above apply the most to what you want to create with your writing. Try out a piece of advice at least two to three times and then see how you can adapt it to your journaling practice.

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10 Journal Prompts for Authentic, Powerful Writing