BIG Announcement! (And it's not my new haircut.)


I’ve just been accepted into the McLean Meditation Institute’s Meditation Teacher Academy®! Founded in Sedona, Arizona in 2006, this organization offers leading edge mindfulness and meditation training for service-oriented people all over the world. 

Since I decided to teach writing as a tool for healing in January, I knew I wanted to expand my skills in the art and science of helping people thrive. A certificate in meditation and mindfulness teaching feels like the perfect next step in this direction. 

While meditation is gaining popularity and credibility, many are skeptical. Within the chaos of modern life, full of to-do lists, mouths to feed, and one global crisis after the next, who has the time to sit still and breathe? What actually happens behind the closed eyes, the deep breaths, the spiritual jargon, and the hype is not always clear. 

Although meditation has become more mainstream than it was 10 years ago, it still evokes visions of saffron-robed Tibetan monks 1000s of miles away. Unlike many of us, these men have the privileges of uninterrupted silence and breathtaking mountain views.

But meditation doesn’t belong only to Tibetan monks. It belongs to everyone who has lungs to breathe and a longing to know who they are. This longing is exactly where meditation, writing, and healing align.

In my 16 years of personal meditation practice, I’ve learned to breathe and direct my attention in such a way that I can connect to who I am, separate from the urgency and the distractions of everyday life. My practice has taught me to anchor my focus in what I value, feel, and think so I can navigate life with a loving heart. 

Meditation has also shown me how to teach others to attune themselves to their own truth. I incorporate the meditation techniques of deep breathing, self-inquiry, and intentional silence into my work to help clients become more intimate with who they really are. 

It’s this intimacy that makes all the difference in their businesses and their lives: 

  • It quiets inner chatter so clients hear the sound of their own voices in their truest and most loving form 

  • They develop a sense of humor about life—and about themselves 

  • Mundane questions like what to make for dinner and whether to find a new job become secondary to simply being here, now

  • Being here, now grows tolerable, nuanced, and rich with wonder in even the most ordinary moments

  • They are better able to serve the world with integrity, courage, and trust

I can only imagine what the McLean Institute Meditation Teacher Academy will bring to me, to my clients, and to the community of people around the world who are dedicated to making a difference by honoring who they are, one breath at a time. 

Are you looking to uplevel your writing for your business? Or, are you struggling to start or progress with your personal writing practice? I can help. Schedule a complimentary 45-minute consultation today.

In case you were wondering, this is my new ‘do. A nice way to mark the adventure of becoming a meditation teacher!

In case you were wondering, this is my new ‘do. A nice way to mark the adventure of becoming a meditation teacher!