Isn’t this too easy to work?


At the Meditation Teacher Training Academy, I’m learning that one of the five essentials of meditation is to not try too hard. It’s vital to invite a sense of ease when you meditate. And yet, I feel torn about the idea of ease. I’ve learned that choosing effortlessness is a sign of laziness, a distraction from personal growth. I once believed the road to success is paved with blood, sweat, and tears. And after years of overwork led me to burnout, chronic fatigue, and resentment—I thirsted for an easier way. Giving myself permission to live with ease is an ongoing and humbling practice, one that goes against the grain of cultural conditioning and the temporary high of constant busyness.

By inviting ease into my life, I’m making the commitment to do less. I’m opening up my life to more stillness where the addictive pull of work, social media, and constant doing rises to the surface. As I sit in silence twice a day, my body sometimes throbs with stress, my muscles spasm, my mind ruminates… And then, the chaos subsides. Not by force, but by simply allowing myself to sit, breathe, and focus my awareness. When I try to manipulate my experience into one of pure bliss, productivity, or love, I feel myself blocking out the very essence of what I’m seeking. 

But when I’m willing to let things be easy, I’m surprised to discover that I actually feel more blissful, productive, and loving. Synchronicities emerge seemingly out of nowhere, like the very meditation course I’m taking now, which I discovered just days after I decided to become a certified meditation instructor. My writing and creativity flow. I’m less likely to complain or snap at someone I love… The list goes on.  

Choosing ease is nothing if not full of unexpected benefits. But the path of effortlessness takes faith. The temptation to overwork, sleep less, and escape the discomfort of stress through self-destructive addictions is everywhere. What’s harder to find are examples of conscious ease where trying less actually creates more fulfillment. But having faith in the road less traveled is one of the healthiest choices we can make—especially when that road aims towards a more loving, sustainable way of being. 

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Source: McLean, Sarah. “The Five Essentials with Sarah McLean.” The McLean Meditation Institute.