What’s the Secret to a Good About Me Page?

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I often liken a good About Me Page to two travelers walking side-by-side in a labyrinth. The entrepreneur/brand is on one side and the client is on the other. Just like a labyrinth with no beginning or end, the lines between both travelers feel seamless:

Where one goes, so does the other, in faith that their ongoing partnership will lead them both where they want to be.

So, how do you inspire your prospective clients to take this journey to mutual and major fulfillment with you?

Read on for the steps I use with my entrepreneur clients to create effective, client-converting About Me Pages.

Step 1: Set up a Good About Me Page from the Start

Your About Me Page should evoke an immediate emotional response from the very beginning. It should say to your ideal prospective clients that you understand their struggles—or the results they’re longing to feel.

An example of leading with a pain point:

Only five years ago, I was a single parent at risk of losing my income and my sanity. On the verge of being fired—with no career prospects—I needed a way to survive without a safety net.

An example of leading with results:

They say there are no guarantees in life, but Rogue Consulting is set on proving “them” wrong. We guarantee you a 200% ROI in your first year with us. Or, you pay nothing.

Play with both the pain and also the results-driven angle to see what feels intuitive for you and your brand.


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Step 2: Get a Yes Before They Hit “Contact”

Your prospective clients should already want what you provide before they finish your About Me Page. Your goal is to make every sentence evoke a deep “yes!” from within. As in, “yes, they get me!” And, “yes, they have what I want to get out of my pain and into a better life!”

Tell the story of the results you give your clients so that you can guide prospects from where they are now to where they want to go. Client examples, testimonials, and statistics all add clout to your narrative.

For instance:

Hundreds of clients report that the Financially Free Program has helped them transform their businesses to barely getting by to 6-figure success stories within five years.

According to one client: “I was knocking on death’s door and could see no end to my struggles with weight and food. With __’s help, I now see food as an ally and not an enemy.”

“90% of my clients are pain-free within six months of working through our Joyful Body System.

Experiment with a combination of these three types of statements until your page feels both conversational and authentic.

Step 3: Leave them Inspired to Be, Have, and Do Better with You

Reinforce the yes in Step 2 by leaving your clients with a clear vision of how their lives will be better with your partnership. This is where the rule “show, don’t tell” comes in.

A good About Me page will keep the focus on your prospective clients and not on you by using second person (“you” language). Then, restate the results they can experience using concrete, emotional language. Consider asking your prospects questions that invite them to consider how your offerings will serve them.

For example:

Your finances CAN be a source of freedom—and not a prison. Libera Financial puts the power to live the life you choose back in your own hands. Contact us today for simple, daily steps that make that next career move, dream vacation, or other life goal more attainable than you ever thought possible.

All you have to lose is your debt.

Are you ready to take back your power over your financial future?

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When you put the focus on how your clients can experience real results with you, your brand will embody genuine authority and confidence.

Remember: A good About Me Page isn’t about you. It’s about your results-driven partnership with your prospective clients. When you begin with an emotional hook, follow with solutions, and end with a glowing yet accurate vision of where you can lead your clients—you raise your chances of turning prospects into clients.

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