What Does Your About Me Story REALLY Say About You?

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A Common Misconception about Your About Me Story

Writing an About Me story can evoke the fear of sounding inauthentic and unconvincing to your ideal clients. My entrepreneur clients commonly mistake their stories as a way to sell an airbrushed version of who they truly are—which anyone with integrity just won’t stand for!


But the truth is, what these stories really are is a tool to show your ideal clients how your partnership can take them from where they are, to where they want to be.


An Effective About Me Story Accomplishes These Three Goals:

  1. It convinces prospective clients that you “get” them.

    Chances are, you’re selling what you’re selling because it’s been critical in helping you get where you are today. Think back to the time when you didn’t have access to the product or service you currently offer. Feel into the pain you experienced without it. Then, write down how this struggle mirrors what your ideal clients could be going through right now.


    Suppose you’re a life coach who specializes in helping clients build long-lasting intimate relationships. I’d advise you to think of a time when your love life was suffering because you didn’t have the tools you currently teach your clients. Then, I’d have you define the pain points your ideal clients have in common with you.


    Whatever your business is, let yourself imagine a life where the gifts you’re giving weren’t available to you and write down the unwanted results that could be harming your clients too.

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  1. The About Me Story shows prospects that you can give them the results they want.

    After you’ve written down your key pain points, tell the story of how you worked through them and gotten yourself and your clients to where you are now. Don’t be afraid to include a testimonial or two: they’re a great way to let your clients showcase your value for you!


    When you’re writing about results, talk about actionable benefits. Let’s go back to the life coach example in goal #1.


    Instead of saying “I love sharing my relationship wisdom so that my clients can learn what love really means,” consider this:


    “My clients tell me time and time again that by applying my Relationship Revival System, they’re communicating their wants and needs unapologetically and finding partners who truly respect their boundaries. Just like me, they wish they would’ve discovered the blessing of effective communication years ago!”


    I’ve highlighted the verbs (action words) in the second example to emphasize the strong active voice you need to use to show what your work does.

  1. It instills in your prospective clients a vision of how their lives would be better with your partnership.

    This is where you connect the first and second goal of your About Me story. Re-state the pain points you described in goal #1, empathize with the difficulty of working through them, and describe a future where your prospective clients are not only free of that pain—but they also experience a better life.

    In the life coach example, you could connect the dots between pain and results with a message like the following:

    "Facing the resentment and self-doubt of feeling unheard in your relationships isn’t something you can do alone.

    If you’re anything like me and the clients I work with every day, you’ve spent years fighting a losing battle to choose partners who honor your wants, needs, and well-being.

    What if you had a proven, step-by-step way to get out of the pain for good?

    What if you had a champion at your side who could give you the tools and the accountability you need to love confidently again?

    Let’s connect to see if my Relationship Revival System is what you need to get from feeling invisible to feeling heard, seen, and loved for who you are!"

    If you’re still stuck on your About Me story after giving the three goals above a try, stay tuned for next week. I’ll be delving into some About Me inspiration that will help you overcome blocks to talking about yourself effectively.


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