Dangerous Words of Healing


I recently pitched a dangerous essay to six publications. The topic of the essay is so controversial that even saying it can trigger spitting words, pounding hearts, and persecution. While I won’t reveal the subject quite yet, what I will say is the essay illustrates how I’m healing from an experience I thought would kill me. Like the Hindu goddess Kali, this experience dashed out the part of me I needed to let go and left me bleeding in mind, body, and soul. And, after the bloodshed blossomed a depth of unconditional love I couldn’t have discovered any other way. What I endured taught me that love can be fierce, and so was I.

The essay is an offering of strong yet tender love to people in crisis. And arguably, when we consider the root meaning of the word, we are all in crisis:

Crisis: a vitally important or decisive state of things, point at which change must come, for better or worse (Online Etymology Dictionary).

From human rights violations to environmental destruction, economic disparity to epidemics of loneliness, anxiety, and depression… It seems every day brings a new upheaval to make us question where we’re headed as human beings.

The gift of crisis is the opportunity to dissolve what we no longer need. And, what I no longer need is the fear that my words mean nothing, the belief that I am essentially helpless in the face of suffering, and the worry that the essay I have excavated from the depths of my being doesn’t matter.

For weeks, I have lost myself in ruminations of where this essay could lead. I picture the deep sighs of relief, tears of recognition, and lighter hearts of people who find healing in my words. I also imagine the furious attacks, the misunderstandings, and, most painfully of all, the shrugs of apathy. Whatever the outcome of sharing my essay with the world, I trust that within the choice to share it lies more possibilities for growth than I can fathom.

My mission is to approach crisis not as a victim, but as an empowered participant. I surrender my voice to the highest good, trusting myself to choose love over fear.

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