I’ve Never Said this Out Loud: The Raw Truth Behind Writing to Heal


“If you don’t feel like you’re getting torn in half, you’re not really growing,” a mentor once told me.

Never have these words felt truer than they do now. I’m in the midst of claiming my calling as a mentor who helps writers and seekers heal through the written word. Growing into this vocation is nothing if not a leap of faith, one that’s ripping me in two.

I feel torn because on the one hand, I take great comfort in leaning into my strengths as a writer and teacher. Over the past 15 years, I’ve helped children and adults hone their writing skills while drawing out their most authentic, powerful qualities. There’s something about guiding others through words that feels like home.

On the other hand, claiming a new role as a mentor is an uncertain and profound responsibility. I am responsible for standing firm in my intuition, giving myself permission to be vulnerable, all while easing clients out of limiting beliefs, thoughts, and feelings and into a space of healing and thriving.

It’s not that I don’t already fulfill these responsibilities when I do writing projects with my entrepreneur clients. It’s that being a mentor makes these duties that much more demanding of my authentic power.

Power and I have a complicated relationship.

Since I was 11 years old, I’ve felt what it means to be powerful. My ability to perceive and honor the feelings, needs, and desires of the people around me made me a golden child to some and a threat to others. For as long as I can remember, I could intuit unspoken truths and voice them with stunning clarity, like the secret anguish a friend felt before she gave birth to her first child. Or the time I knew my dear friends were destined for marriage, ten years before they tied the knot.

I’ve sensed that many of the people I encounter feel naked in my presence, or at the very least, like they don’t know what to make of me.

I see the questions in their eyes:

Is she seeing right through me?

Can I trust her?

My power is, as they say, both a gift and a curse. As a gift, it has allowed me to say the right thing at the right time to spark healing in the hearts of those I love and serve, like it did in a client of mine who shared her story of sexual abuse publicly for the first time with my support, which helped her to inspire thousands with her message of hope and courage.

And, my power has also brought with it the curse of isolation, frustration, anxiety, and despair, as I’ve fought for a place in the world to simply be who I am, to use my power for good... It has often felt more comfortable to give my power up and stay quiet than to surrender to its full fire.

But the fact is, I owe it to myself and my clients to embrace my power with abandon, knowing that it’s not really mine at all. To lead others on a path to healing means practicing a deep reverence for authentic power as a force of Love, one that comes not from me but through me.

Working with authentic power has helped me build a sense of faith and equanimity, even when I risk failure, judgment, rejection, and abandonment.

Writing to heal is a calling that’s much more powerful than I could ever be alone. As I lead my clients on their journeys to healing, we are also being led by the ever-pulsing lifeblood of Love that makes us who we are.

In the words of one of my favorite authors, Tosha Silver, I share this prayer to Love:

Let everything needs to go, go

Let everything that needs to come, come.

I am utterly Your own.

You are Me.

I am You.

We are One.

All is Well.

Are you dealing with emotional pain, or maybe you struggle to reach your goal of creating life-changing content for your clients?

Are you ready to use your authentic, powerful voice to work through these stumbling blocks and create lasting transformation? I’m here for you. Heart wide open. Utterly trusting in the healing available to you, to all of us, with every fiber of my being.

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