Clients share the love.


“Anyone who knows me knows I am a service experience snob. Meaning, it takes a lot to impress me, and I find value in not only the end product but also the process. I'm happy to say that Alana Helapitage, with her 'About Me' page offer, delivers excellence across the board. As a professional, highly 'attuned-to-you' writer, she is able to capture your unique message in your voice—making sure you're able to publish a powerful and authentic piece of writing. Working with Alana, you feel that you are important and you know what to expect every step of the way. Her commitment to helping you shine is unstoppable. This one of the best marketing investments I have ever made.”

- Tracy Diziere, Creativity Conduit and Founder of TDZ Creative Partners

I’m so grateful that I could work with Alana to help support me through some tough healing from childhood trauma.

...Alana is a multi-faceted writer and supported me with both her writing talents and open spirit. With her support, I felt a great sense of comfort and trust to reveal my early life’s intimate trauma and scars.

My most challenging blog [that Alana helped me craft] revealed my healing journey from familial child trafficking. Alana was able to capture the chronology of events, turmoil and triumph of this journey in an inspiring way that provided my readers with both hope and courage.

Not only that, but as a person, she is non-judgmental, open-minded and possesses a level of divine curiosity and interest that allows her clients to access the core of their messages in effective and meaningful ways.
— Vita Galore, Life Fulfillment Muse

“In both instances of working with Alana on my About Me page and seminar preparations, I felt incredibly supported…

I find that Alana is so very grounded and centered in her being that it creates a gentle invitation to heal. With her skills as a writer, her proficiency in communicating her messages and those of her clients is incredibly high and clear. Leaning on Alana’s ability to coach, guide and mentor me through the self-discovery process is so valuable. With her guidance and energy in both my About Me page and seminar preparations, I felt very held, like she knew exactly how to navigate what was needed in working with me and the results were a feeling of completion.”

Sarah Christine Graham, Spiritual Guide

Alana is a precious gift. After working closely with her on my book of poetry, I realized she not only had my best interest at heart, but aligned with my intention to serve others through my work. I was constantly impressed by her ability to glean pivotal themes from my story while finding a way to integrate important details into my poetry so it is both compelling and relatable. I highly recommend Alana if you are itching to tell your story, but do not know where to start. Her guidance, sincerity and commitment is invaluable.
— Karilyn Owens, Spiritual Teacher, Writer, and Freelance Graphic Artist

"Alana wrote an article about our company shortly after we launched. We had done several interviews and been written about in numerous magazines, but Alana's interview and subsequent article on us is the best piece that has ever been written. Alana is an exceptional writer with a true gift for telling a story. He ability to communicate the real story behind a company or person is incredible. I would recommend working with Alana on any project you have that needs clear, engaging, professional writing."

Kasten Spethmann, Co-Founder of Sophisticated Rebel

What an absolute pleasure to work with Alana! She is a true professional but those are words that can be used easily in a recommendation. I feel compelled to say that more importantly, Alana has a fabulous ability to get inside the head of her clients and translate thoughts and ideas into beautifully written words that are a true reflection of the client. I look forward to collaborating with her on many future occasions and know that her work will be of the highest quality.”
— Donnita Parker, Mentor and Life Coach at LightPath Mentoring

"I decided to work with Alana and spread the word about her after hunting the world for inspirational people to meet. And as far as inspiration goes, she delivered over and over! It's her rare combination of understanding the emotional intelligence of storytelling, the innate patience to teach the writing craft and make it fun, and the wonderful artistry to her words that compels me to highly recommend her as a writer. She is truly a unique and caring talent."

Martin Lucas, Expert Problem Solver

Alana’s warm, nurturing, rich voice did an amazing job of capturing the heart of my work and conveying it to others in a way that is accessible and immediately useful. If you are a conscious business owner looking for a writer that “gets it” to do copy for you, I can’t recommend Alana highly enough.
— Jacqueline Freeman, Relationship Alchemist & Celebrant at Rites o' Passage Ceremony & Coaching

"While writing my book Becoming Your Own Knight In Shining Armor: A Guide to Love That Feeds Your Soul, I’ve worked in collaboration with Alana from start to finish. The strength of our work lay in the fact that we worked side-by-side throughout the entire time. Initially, she helped me structure my book when it was a jumble of ideas. Later, as I began writing, she teased out the essential from the excess and brought back the storyline each time it veered off course. Her ability to read from birds-eye view when I was stuck in the weeds was what drove the book forward. Yet, her greatest gift in my opinion, lies in her intuitive ability to bring clarity to my thoughts and find words for content I couldn’t easily express. I highly recommend Alana to those who carry a book in their heart, but are not sure how to put it onto the page."

Selina Schuh, Educator, Writer, Speaker and Owner of Empowered Living Strategies, LLC