Realize Your Message

You’re a soul-centered entrepreneur who’s on the verge of realizing your most impactful message. You want to create consistent content that’s as authentic as you are.

Yet, you struggle to find the right words to unleash your core stories and express your true voice. You refuse to waste your time and energy on writing that falls short of the message burning inside you.

Working with Alana Helapitage, you can turn the stories trapped within into your life-changing message.

Define your life-changing stories, learn to leverage your voice & cut to the heart of your true message!


Your Thriving Business


Express the best version of you and your work in writing and in person. You’ll work with Alana to create your key website content to best serve you and your audience, a compelling promotional article to share online and in person, plus the written blueprint for your next workshop or presentation. Limit 750 words per piece. Package includes all of the following.

  • About Me Page

  • Services Page

  • Stories of Service Article

  • Workshop or Presentation Blueprint

Your Single Service


What's the most important piece of content you need for your business now? Whether you're looking to refresh a page on your website, improve a presentation, or create entirely new content—work with Alana to voice your vision at her most affordable price. Limit 750 words. Choose any one of the following services.

  • About Me Page

  • Services Page

  • Blog/Article

  • Workshop or Presentation Blueprint

  • Editing (for any of the above)


Your Brand Basics


Your story, your message, and the benefits patrons gain from your work are the cornerstones of your business. Together, you and Alana will put them in words that convey integrity, personality, and power. You'll also get a promotional article to share online and in person. Limit 750 words per piece. Package includes all of the following.

  • About Me Page

  • Services Page

  • Stories of Service Article


Your Editing Intensive


If you're writing a book or series of content for online or in person, Alana helps you cultivate your voice and your message in an on-going creative partnership. You get the structure and feedback system you need to produce your best work—helping you stay focused, inspired, and effective. Limit 150 pages. Choose any one of the following items for editing.



  • Book (both prose and poetry)

  • Ongoing Blog

  • Workshop or Presentation Series



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