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Your past is holding you back.

You’ve done considerable work to heal your emotional wounds—yet you’re frustrated that you can’t seem to solve your pain.

You struggle to use your voice to take a stand for your own needs and desires.

You’re curious about how to start writing—or how to get back into it.

You’ve come to the right place.

Do you long to put an end to wounded thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that stop you from thriving?
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I’m so grateful that I could work with Alana to help support me through some tough healing from childhood trauma.

...Alana is a multi-faceted writer and supported me with both her writing talents and open spirit. With her support, I felt a great sense of comfort and trust… Alana was able to capture the chronology of events, turmoil and triumph of [ my healing] journey in an inspiring way that provided… both hope and courage.
— Vita Galore, Life Fulfillment Muse

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Alana is a precious gift. After working closely with her on my book of poetry, I realized she not only had my best interest at heart, but also aligned with my intention to serve others through my work. I highly recommend Alana if you are itching to tell your story, but do not know where to start. Her guidance, sincerity and commitment is invaluable.
— Karilyn Owens, Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Freelance Graphic Artist

About Alana

I’m Alana Helapitage, a writer, mentor, and mother. For 20 years, I’ve used writing as a tool for self-discovery and healing. What makes me feel alive is igniting healing and self-expression in soul-centered writers and entrepreneurs.


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