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Your pain is stubborn.
But so is your desire to heal.

If this page attracted you, it’s clear you’re no stranger to hardships like childhood trauma, failed relationships, health crises, and losing what you care about the most.

You’ve worked hard to heal past pain. Yet through months and years of therapy and self-help, there’s a part of you that’s still hurting. But you’re not giving up. You know that flourishing is possible for you.

At the same time, your desire to write has grown irresistible. You’ve experienced the healing power of words firsthand—and you sense you’ve just scratched the surface of the benefits writing holds for you.

Writing can help you break through the silence of fear so you can voice your full, flourishing self.

Healing is scary. It’s all too easy to let fear drown out your desire to move forward with your writing and with your life as it floods you with if only’s:

If only you had the time to write...

If only you knew where to start...

If only you could quiet the voice that tells you you’re not up to the task...

If only you could trust yourself to do the writing you’re called to write…

If only you could forgive, accept, and love who you really are beyond the prison of fear…

The right partnership can give you the courage and the skill to write in spite of fear. Work with me to turn your if only’s into a consistent, healing writing practice that will nourish the whole you.

Learn to use writing as a powerful, personalized tool for healing.

We’ll work hand-in-hand to design a writing practice and 1 on 1 mentorship to nurture your healing process. You’ll receive personalized mentoring sessions, writing exercises, self-care practices, and ongoing support to help you:

  • Connect with the parts of yourself that are calling for healing.

  • Cleanse yourself of limiting beliefs and behaviors.

  • Clarify what healing and thriving look like to you, including the steps that will help you get there.

  • Create new beliefs, stories, and habits to support your journey to greater authenticity, forgiveness, acceptance, and love that ripples into all your relationships.

My focus is creating healing experiences through the written word that feel completely safe, supportive, and right for you. For your convenience, we can work in person, over the phone, virtually, or a combination.

Coming Soon: Writing to Heal Group Experiences and On-Demand Online Programs!

Wherever you are in your writing journey, I’m in the process of creating both group experiences and online programs to help you unveil your next level of healing. Subscribe below to stay up-to-date on new offerings.

Ready to explore how you can use writing to dissolve the pain that keeps you stuck?

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I’m so grateful that I could work with Alana to help support me through some tough healing from childhood trauma.

...Alana is a multi-faceted writer and supported me with both her writing talents and open spirit. With her support, I felt a great sense of comfort and trust to reveal my early life’s intimate trauma and scars.

My most challenging blog [that Alana helped me craft] revealed my healing journey from familial child trafficking. Alana was able to capture the chronology of events, turmoil and triumph of this journey in an inspiring way that provided my readers with both hope and courage.

Not only that, but as a person, she is non-judgmental, open-minded and possesses a level of divine curiosity and interest that allows her clients to access the core of their messages in effective and meaningful ways.
— Vita Galore, Life Fulfillment Muse
In both instances of working with Alana on my About Me page and seminar preparations, I felt incredibly supported…

I find that Alana is so very grounded and centered in her being that it creates a gentle invitation to heal. With her skills as a writer, her proficiency in communicating her messages and those of her clients is incredibly high and clear. Leaning on Alana’s ability to coach, guide and mentor me through the self-discovery process is so valuable. With her guidance and energy in both my About Me page and seminar preparations, I felt very held, like she knew exactly how to navigate what was needed in working with me and the results were a feeling of completion.
— Sarah Christine Graham, Spiritual Guide

Ready to explore how you can use writing to dissolve the pain that keeps you stuck?
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IMPORTANT: The Write to Heal service is not meant to substitute qualified professional care. If you have a medical diagnosis, are experiencing trauma, abuse, or any other danger to your well-being, consider seeking professional help right away.

Contemplating suicide and in the USA? Contact the 24/7 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline .

If you are outside of the USA and in crisis or contemplating suicide, visit the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) Crisis Centres Page.